Hello ALLO. Nice to see you again!

The delicious river of ALLO flavours continues to stream in!

ALLO’s flavour expansion grows by the hour but our customers still can’t get enough!


ALLO Ultra (5 NEW flavours)

*Pink Lemon* - Pink Lemon is a classic flavour. You won't find another marvelous vape with this sweet, zingy and tangy perfection!
*Spearmint* - What really makes our Allo Spearmint Disposable vape so special is our real mint extract.  Freshness cuts through richness to create a flavor that will...
*Mixed Berries* - Bundles of sweet Strawberries, Blueberries and Blackberries is sure to satisfy the most demanding of fruit lovers. Savor every vape with our Mixed Berries to keep you wanting more and more!
*Grapefruit* - A balance of sweet and sour makes the perfect vape. Grapefruit offers a juicy and sweet citrus that blends excellently.
*VC Original* - One of our favourite desserts- Vanilla Custard! A generous serving of Russian cream and a freshly baked crust makes a delectable vape! 

ALLO OG (2 NEW flavours)

*Cold Brew Coffee* - Early mornings to late evenings, this is truly a Canadian classic.
*Red Classic* - Commonly uncommon, you can now have your favourite classic cola flavour in a vape! Allo's Red Classic surely does not disappoint!  




STLTH Lemon Drop Pods (3 Pack)
ALLO 1500 Disposables
ALLO 1500 Disposables
Sale price$19.99
Refill Salt
Refill Salt
Sale price$17.99