Allo Disposables

Mg: 20
Flavour: Blue Raspberry
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Sold in quantities of 1.



Introducing the Allo Disposable, an all-in-one ready to vape nicotine delivery system intuitively designed to be disposed once empty. Featuring a lightweight and compact design with over-inhale protection to guarantee to deliver smooth and flavorful draws with ease.



  • Incredible flavor.  Available in 7 savory flavors each with 2 nicotine levels to choose from.  
  • Ease of use. Fully charged out of the box and on draw activation. Fits in your palm, portable, convenient to use.
  • Long lasting. Comes with 1.2mL of e-liquid and 300maH battery size that will last you all day long.
  • Peace of Mind. Comes standard with over inhale and short circuit protection


Blue Raspberry-Blueberry and Raspberry are native fruits of North America.  What happens when you mix blueberry and raspberry together into a vape?  Try our delicious Allo Blue Raspberry Flavor Disposable, it is out of this world with its natural flavor, texture and sweetness – perfect for your vaping needs.


Classic Tobacco-Classic Tobacco is the perfect flavor for those who are new to vaping.  We've captured the timeless taste of a full-flavored cigarette with this Allo Classic Tobacco Flavor Disposable.  Classic's resemblance to the taste of tobacco cigarettes makes for a smooth transition from smoking to vaping. Now the traditional smoker can enjoy a smarter way to satisfy his/her cravings.


Lychee Ice-This fruit is considered the rose of the fruit world with its pearly translucent flesh, tropical-floral aroma and delicate delicious flavor.  Our Allo Lychee Ice Flavor Disposable is as exotic as it is imaginable. True to taste, it lures the palate to far away places with its uncommonly pleasing flavor.


Mango Ice-Our delicious Allo Mango Ice Flavor Disposable is made from a blend of mangoes from all growing regions.  This velvety smooth vape has a hint of sugar and mint added to accentuate its truly tropical flavor notes. 


Peach-With its rich rusty orange color and velvety mouth-feel, this common fruit is uncommonly flavorful.   This delicious Allo Peach Flavor Disposable vape for sure to deliver the finest floral aroma and characteristics of  of field-ripened peach. 


Pineapple Ice-The salvory notes of this delightful Allo Pineapple Ice Flavor Disposable vape will remind you of Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Combined with a hint of mint, this pineapple flavor vape is an all-round champion.


Spearmint-What really makes our Allo Spearmint Disposable vape so special is our real mint extract. Freshness cuts through richness to create a flavor that will keep you coming back for more.


Watermelon Ice-A satisfyingly sweet take on the summer fruit with a subtle mint twist. Watermelon transports your taste buds to warm, sunny days enjoying slices of the thirst-quenching fruit. Each Watermelon Ice Allo Disposable provides a juicy burst of fresh true-to-life fruit flavor and a touch of sweetness for a perfect balance.


Fuji Apple Ice-This Fuji Apple Ice Allo Original Flavor is delectably sweet from its Fuji apple flavor yet light and crisp for a smooth vape every time.  


Grape Ice-Your taste buds will be grape-ful for this sweet, fruity juicy grape flavor in every vape.  


Orange Ice-The peel of the orange has been used for centuries to flavor foods.  Allo Original Orange Ice flavor adds texture along with a natural orange flavor to your vaping experience.


Pomegranate Ice-Our Pomegranate Ice is the perfect blend of sweetness with a sour and tangy undertone. Injected with just the perfect amount of cooling, this flavor is a leading example above other Pomegranate e-liquids ever created!


Orange Mango Guava-A harmonious blend of some of the most fulfilling fruits- Orange, Mango and Guava. Take your taste buds to an otherworldly experience as each mouthwatering fruit sings in a choir hitting all the right notes.


Mixed Berries-Bundles of sweet Strawberries, Blueberries and Blackberries is sure to satisfy the most demanding of fruit lovers. Savor every vape with our Mixed Berries to keep you wanting more and more!


Peach Lemon-Indulge yourself on a hot summer day with a refreshing Peach Lemonade. You won't taste another flavor as thirst quenching as our Peach Lemon Allo disposable!


Strawberry-Strawberry lovers will be sure to appreciate our mouthwatering and juicy Strawberry flavor with a sweet undertone that's packed into a small and portable disposable!


Red Line Ice-Need a boost to start the day? Red Line Ice will take you to the limits! This flavor will take energy drink enthusiasts down memory lane as it reminds them of all the times they needed that extra boost through the most tiring of situations. For the rest of us, we just love the taste!


Melon Ice-A juicy honeydew melon with an ice exhale that will never get stale. 


Strawberry Watermelon- What is better than a strawberry? You guessed it! Add some watermelon and you've got yourself a party in your mouth.


Apple Peach-Ever wonder what apple and peach tastes like together? Look no further! This wonderful combination will make you come back for more!


Blueberry Ice-Blueberry Ice is filled with blueberry goodness, supplemented with a cooling exhale to take blueberry lovers to berry zen.  


Pomegranate-Our Pomegranate is the perfect blend of sweetness with a sour and tangy undertone. This flavor is a leading example above other Pomegranate e-liquids ever created!


Ludou Ice-Ludou Ice (translated to Green Bean Ice) is a famous eastern Asia dessert.  It blends Asian milky green bean dessert flavors with a refreshing exhale of...


Banana Ice-You'll go absolutely bananas when you try our Banana Ice! 


Strawberry Banana-Strawberry and Banana join forces in delivering a smooth(ie) experience. Ripe bananas and sweet strawberries blended to absolute perfection.


Strawberry Kiwi-Tangy, sweet and refreshing. Sweet strawberries in the inhale, finishing with a tang of kiwi on the exhale does not disappoint. 


Pina Colada-A legendary Pina Colada flavour that's sure to refresh your tastebuds without a hangover!


Cold Brew Coffee-Early mornings to late evenings, this is truly a Canadian classic.


Red Classic-Commonly uncommon, you can now have your favourite classic cola flavour in a vape! Allo's Red Classic surely does not disappoint!  

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