STLTH Original Vape Pods (3 Pack) (EXCISE TAX)

Mg: 0
Flavour: Frost
Sale price$17.99


Specifically crafted range of flavors, designed specifically for STLTH, come in three nicotine strengths 20mg, Bold35 and Bold50.


The nicotine blend is proprietary, purposely made to be extra smooth to accommodate adult smokers who are looking to switch from traditional tobacco. 


Each pack contains 3 pod cartridges

2.0 mL of E-liquid per cartridge


+BOLD 50

Unique hybrid nicotine blends that are a combination of BOTH salt nicotine and freebase nicotine that have a similar hit to 50mg with lower nicotine concentration.


STLTH Originals


Frost - A smooth peppermint inhale blended with a frosty spearmint exhale.

Tundra Berry- Refreshing menthol with a hint of mixed berries 

Berry Blast - A mixture of raspberries, strawberries and other exotic berries.

Tobacco Blend - Medium blend tobacco flavor

Crisp Apple - Crispy red apple flavour with a tart finish 

Honeydew Menthol - A mixture of ripe honeydew melon with freezing cold menthol

Mango - Tropical ripe mango

Blue Raspberry -A burst of blue raspberry

Strawberry - Freshly picked vine-ripened strawberry with a subtle sweetness 

Flavourless - All the satisfaction with none of the lingering flavor. 

Banana Ice - Sweet and Ripe Banana with a Refreshingly Cool Exhale

Peach - A Sweet, Juicy and Ripe Peach 

Mint - A blend of mint with a frosty finish.

Grape Ice- Sweet, juicy grapes with a cool exhale.

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