Twelve Monkeys by Vapor Co.

Select Flavours B2G1

Size: 60ml
Mg: 0
Flavour: Harambae (B2G1)
Sale price$25.99


Congo C -Two distinctly different vanillas to elevate the flavour of handpicked, fresh strawberries. 

70/30 VG/PG


Tropika -A carefully combined blend of exotic tropical fruits

90/10 VG/PG

O-RangZ - A careful marriage of lemony fruits accented by a morning touch. 

80/20 VG/PG


Mangabeys - This bright and fresh blend of Pineapple, Guava and Mango is accented by a myriad of Caribbean fruits 

80/20 VG/PG


Kanzi - A fusion of strawberries, watermelon and a hint of kiwi

80/20 VG/PG


Matata - Big, bold grape on the inhale, followed by a smooth, ripe apple exhale. 

80/20 VG/PG


Bonogurt - A smooth, perfectly balanced, luscious melody of multiple berries

80/20 VG/PG


Macaraz-A raspberry mix. 

70/30 VG/PG


Harambae -A tangy citrus unison of grapefruit highlights fused with lemon, lime, blood orange and refreshing guava. (Only available in 60ml for 29.99)

80/20 VG/PG


Hakuna-Juicy Mix of Granny Smith and Fuji apples, combined with a hint of cranberry. (only available in 60ml for $29.99)

70/30 VG/PG


Banansa (Limited Edition)- Realistic notes of banana with a sweet twist


Harmony-Peach, Berry, Lychee 


Zen- Melon, Pineapple, Banana


Paradise-Strawberry, Pineapple, Banana, Coconut

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