Velvet Cloud Vapor

Size: 30ml
Mg: 0
Flavour: Strawb Gwab (Discontinued)
Sale price$19.99


All Velvet Cloud Vapor flavours are mixed with a MAX VG content and no propylene glycol. All flavours are also crafted using all natural vegan friendly flavourings.

Strawb-Gawb-A mild blend of strawberry and guava that’s bright without being too sweet. Strawb-Gwab’s smooth inhale is finished with an exhale that pairs the richness of guava and the lingering tart notes of strawberry.

Harvest Berry-A base of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry and complements it with subtle cherry notes


NC Government regulations in Canada now prohibit the description of certain flavor profiles online. We recommend searching this product via Google to get the product descriptions where sold outside of Canada. 


Burley Beard-If you miss the smoky simplicity of a cigarette, A great choice for those who want to enter the wonderful world of vaping, this rich Flu-Cured Kentucky leaf based blend is a tribute to the simple pleasure of fine tobacco.

White Beard-A sweet blend of medium tobacco

Mt. Shasta Frost-Made from not just menthol for a natural cooling, but also an assortment of mint flavors - peppermint, spearmint, and others.

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